At MiniFob, we recognize that individuals, both tenants and apartment owners alike, often seek clarity on the legality of duplicating keys. Let’s address this common question and provide valuable insights to offer peace of mind and useful information.

The Legality Behind Key Duplication

Firstly, it’s crucial to highlight that duplicating a key is not illegal in Ontario, even if it carries a “do not duplicate” stamp. In reality, these stamps often serve more to provide a false sense of security to the owner rather than enforce any legal restrictions. The key duplication process only ventures into illegal territory when dealing with patented protection. In such cases, locksmiths must seek authorization before proceeding.

However, the legality of key duplication doesn’t exempt tenants from the rules set by their property managersYour lease agreement and the property manager’s regulations dictate whether copying a key without permission is allowed or not.

Navigating Lease Agreements

Each lease agreement is unique, making it essential to thoroughly read through yours. Check for any specific provisions related to locks and keys. Most lease agreements contain a section outlining whether it’s permissible to duplicate apartment keys. Absence of mention typically implies permission, but it’s always wise to confirm.

Precautions Before Key Duplication

Before visiting our store for key duplication, we recommend reviewing your lease agreement. This simple step ensures compliance with your property’s rules and avoids potential infractions. 

MiniFob’s Commitment:

At MiniFob, we prioritize transparency and legality. We can duplicate over 100 different keys, and our continuous efforts behind the scenes aim to expand your access possibilities. Whether you’re dealing with Airbnb arrangements, lease considerations, roommates, or navigating Toronto’s real estate landscape, rest assured that MiniFob has you covered.

For all your (allowed) key duplication needs, visit our store! We’re not just about keys; we also offer comprehensive solutions for key fobs and garage remote duplications.

We hope this article sheds light on the legality of key copying and clears any lingering doubts. Your peace of mind is our priority.