Using key fobs in apartments is handy. But why does making a copy sometimes cost more? Let’s break it down, step by step, and see why it’s worth the price.

The Tech Side

First, copying key fobs isn’t a simple task. It’s more like solving a puzzle. We spent time and money to figure out how to copy many different fobs, and that wasn’t easy.

Tech Matters

Technology plays a big role. We use special chips to make sure your new key fob works just like the original. Some fobs are easy to copy, and some are harder. We keep our prices fair, depending on how tricky it is to make the copy.

Efficiency Matters

Our commitment to efficiency means you won’t be waiting around for your fob copy. While other services might take up to two hours, we typically complete the process in just 5-10 minutes, regardless of your fob type. Our software helps us diagnose your key fob’s model upon appointment, and that, in turn, determines the pricing for your specific fob.

Condo Costs vs. Our Fair Pricing

Speaking of costs, you might be wondering about the disparity between getting an extra set of fobs from your condo management, which can run you up to $400, and the pricing at MiniFob. Let us clarify: our pricing isn’t arbitrary. It’s based on the factors we’ve outlined above, and it’s always fair. We would never charge more than we believe is reasonable for the convenience and security that extra key fobs provide.

The Power of Backup Plans

So why invest in extra key fobs? Well, it’s always smart to have a backup plan. Losing your original key fobs can happen to anyone. But if you have extra copies on hand, it’s a minor inconvenience rather than a major headache. It’s also incredibly convenient for giving access to pet walkers, friends, cleaners, and family members.

In the world of apartment living, condos, and rentals, having extra key fobs is not just a luxury; it’s a necessity. Our fair pricing ensures you don’t break the bank while investing in convenience and security. So why wait? Contact us today for key fob duplication, key duplications, garage remote copies, and more. MiniFob is here to simplify your life and enhance your security.