Key Fob Copy Service Pricing

Our key fob copy service is quick and easy and guarantees perfect functionality. Pricing of your key or key fob copy will vary depending on your key fob type, and you can check our fob checker page to eidentify your specific key fob model. Get started with your key fob copy service now!

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Key Fob Copy Service Pricing Guide

*Prices plus tax and can vary depending on the partner


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Our compromise - best key fob copy service around!

What Will You Get

100% Accuracy

Our high-quality technology will decode every digit of your key fob for perfect functionality.

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30-Days Warranty

In case of any issues with your key fob copy or key, you can contact us and we'll make things right.

Free BackUp Code

We also offer you a free backup code in case you ever lose your fob. Just ask us after or before you get your key fob copy! 

Why Choose MiniFob Key Fob Copy Service?

Spare key fobs are one of those things that you may never think you need – until you do. With our trusted key fob copy services you can get a spare key fob copy within minutes! 

but why minutefob key fob copy, you may think

Better Price. More Convenience.

There are a few different situations that may result in the need for key fob copy. And your building could charge you up to $400 in condo management fees for it. On top of that, they can sometimes ask for a deposit, and they can take up to two months to provide you with the new copy. BUT,

We can provide you with a key fob copy within minutes!

We offer complimentary backup codes in case you lose your fob

We ensure premium quality

Satisfaction guaranteed!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Award Winning Technology

Visit one of our stores today and enjoy the best key  fob copy services around. Our top technology ensures that your new key fob copy will work as intended and we are sure to save you time and hassle.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If your fob doesn't work, you have 30 days to bring our product back, any time, any place (fob has to be in perfect condition - we won't accept damaged fobs).

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Check your nearest MiniFob Kiosk today and find the location that's more convenient for you! Visit one of our stores today and enjoy the best key fob copy services around!