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      Do you have questions about RFID technology? We're happy to answer them! Alternatively, check out our blog article for more information. Keep in mind that we can handle the RFID portion but not remote button activation or car remotes/fobs. Some fobs are incompatible with our system as well. Check out our key fob copy checker to ensure the compatibility of your fob. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality fobs that are guaranteed to work. We also offer a lifetime warranty that covers any issues except for code changes by management or physical damage to the fob. As far as pricing goes, we charge $40 plus taxes for any traditional, standard fob. For other types of fobs such as iClass, MiFare, or Remote copying, pricing will vary depending on the hardware and expertise required.

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      Always make extra fob copies. In case you lose a working fob.

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      Copy the RFID portion to access your building the same way (without a trace).

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      Compatible, or get remote copying services at FobToronto or FobCouver.


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      Guaranteed to work. We decode every digit for perfect RFID functionality.

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      Any issues with your fob? Contact us & we'll make it right.

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      Get your electronic apartment key duplicated in a minute with genuine RFID chips used for guaranteed functionality. Visit one of our stores today and enjoy the best key fob copy services around. Our top technology ensures that your new key fob copy will work as intended and we are sure to save you time and hassle.

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      Are you interested in expanding your business by offering key fob copy services? We have top-of-the-line technology that makes it easy to duplicate key fobs for condos and apartments. We offer a low maintenance partnership so that you can focus on your regular business.

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