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About MiniFob Key Fob Copy Service

how did we start



We started our key fob copy service in select cities in the US and Canada by using our expertise in programming skills to create a standalone key fob cloning kiosk that can duplicate fobs for customers at customers' favorite stores that they go on a daily basis. 

Whether it's in hardware stores, convenience stores, key cutting shops, etc. we wanted to make it ubiquitous to offer key fob copy in minutes with utmost convenience at much, much less than the building management makes it out to be!

Check our store locator with your location to check where your nearest MiniFob Kiosk is so that you can grab groceries, along with anything else you may need such as key fob copy in the general vicinity / area along with your other needed products this week!

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Why MiniFob?

85+ Models Supported

HID, AWID, Indala, IoProx, KeyScan.

Free Backup Code

Always make extra fob copies.

Back of Remotes

To access your building the same way.

High Frequency Fobs

Compatible, or get remote copying services at MiniFob.


100% Accuracy

We decode every digit for perfect functionality.

Lifetime Warranty

Any issues with your fob? Contact us and we'll make it right.

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We are always striving to ensure the key fob copy you get is cloned seamlessly with top customer satisfaction! 

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