Key Fob Copy: How Does It Work?

Keys fobs are small electronic devices that have the ability to lock and unlock certain doors. They emit a numbered access code that is assigned to match a particular door or set of doors in your building. Interested in knowing how key fobs work? Check it out here! For us to provide you with a working key fob copy, we must access this exact code, and pass it into your new key fob copy. 

Standard Key Fobs

How fobs works in 3 easy steps

Key Fobs work through RFID (Radio-Identification Frequency)

Key Fobs use the RFID technology to communicate with the door reader

If the RFID information matches both sides, the door will lock/unlock

Key fob copy: Why is getting a key fob copy useful

Advantages Of Having A Key Fob Copy

A Key Fob Copy Provides You With Extra Security

Enhance your security with a key fob copy. Having an extra key fob ensures you're well-prepared for any situation, offering a reliable backup for access to your space.

The Extra Key Fob Copy Can Be Given To Those You Love

Share the convenience and security of an extra key fob copy with your loved ones and give access to those you care about

An Extra Key Fob Can Be Handy In All Sorts Of Situations

Having a key fob copy can be incredibly handy in various situations, ensuring you're always prepared and have convenient access when you need it.


Key Fob Copy: The Process

We Read Your Key Fob

Developed with top technology, we get the most accurate reading of 85+ fob types.

We Write Its Information Into a New Fob

We decode your fob and wirte its information into a brand new fob. 

We Triple Check the Reading

we make sure you walk out with with the perfect key fob copy ensuring top functionality. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

24/7 Award Winning Support

 We are always striving to ensure the key fob copy you get is cloned seamlessly with top customer satisfaction! 

30 Day Warranty Included

100% Money-back guaranteed if the fob does not work. Fob must be in resale condition (like new).

More Questions?

Please come by and ask us any questions you may have on how key fobs work. We’ll be more than happy to answer any  of your questions and help you see that getting a new fob copied externally is a move worth considering!