Key Fob Copy Service for Condos & Apartments

We have rebranded now to MiniFob! We have partnered with local businesses in your city to provide you with quick and easy key fob copy services for your condo or apartment key fobs. Simply visit your nearest store partner to get your fob copied in minutes. Not sure if you are the right candidate for a key fob copy? Please check out our key fob copy checker page to get a better idea! 

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Key Fob Copy Services in 30+ Cities in Canada & the USA

Key Fob Copying Services

Need a key fob copy? No problem! Here at MiniFob, we can copy standard and high frequency fobs for 85+ different models, including HID, AWID, Indala, and KeyScan. Just use our key fob checker to see which models are supported.

Key Fob Duplication Services

Key Cutting & Key Blank Supplier

Are you in need of a home key copy as well? More than 50% of our partners can help you out. They can be found at home partner stores and can duplicate keys with a guarantee that they will work. All it takes is a few minutes!

key fob copy: the process explained

Key Fob Copy: How it Works

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We support and copy more than 85 models

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We read your fob and clone its information into a new one.

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We triple check the reading. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Key Duplication & Key Fob Copy Store Locator to Get You Started!

If you're ready to get your fob or key duplicated, it's time to look up our store locator page. The map will show you which of our partners is closest to you.

Key Fob Duplication Services

why minutefob?

RFID Key Fob Copy Service & Key Duplication

There are many reasons to choose MiniFob for your key and fob copy needs. We are faster than most condo management companies and we can provide you with a free backup code in case you ever lose your fob.

Our Process Takes Less Than 5 Minutes!

30 Day Warranty Included!

Free BackUp Code!

What They're Saying

Customer Testimonials

Min Ng
Min Ng
Got my key copied this afternoon in this store. Beautiful price and quality. The owners are professional and super nice.
Sharon Liu
Sharon Liu
The owners are super nice. They made the key copy very fast and it works well.
Bolis Ibrahim
Bolis Ibrahim
Very nice and professional. A+ customer service
Maya Haydar
Maya Haydar
Super fast, very clean place and nice owners.
He is professional and nice guy I've never left a review in my life, he has been very kind thank you so much
David Lee
David Lee
Quick and friendly service would recommend to anyone living in the uptown area.
Ryan Monzer
Ryan Monzer
Great adequate service , outstanding punctuality and great prices for the quality and time they offer. Thanks guys

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We have many locations in multiple cities near you. Visit your closest locksmith location to get your work done in a matter of minutes. For less.

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I'm interested in partnering up with "MiniFob" to expand my business, grow sales and provide services at my store, in my city.

Genuine RFID Key Fob Copy with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Visit your nearest locksmith today and enjoy better access using our key programming tool and service designed to clone in minutes. Promising durable products and an official 100% refundable policy. Don't overpay your building management, and see you at a MiniFob location this week!

Where Can I Get a Fob Copied, You Ask?

Search "fob copy near me" on Google in Your City!

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