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We offer 85+ key and remote models including SC1, SC4, KW1, WR5, C123, C145, Keyscan, DKS, ICT, and more. 

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Key Fob Copy, Key Cutting, and more: Solutions for Every Need

Explore our comprehensive range of key cutting solutions tailored for both professionals and individuals. Whether you run a key cutting business or seek convenient copying services, we offer key cutting machines, key blanks, key fobs, and garage remote copies available for purchase online. 

Key & Key Cutting Machines

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70+ key blank models including SC1, SC4, KW1, WR5, C123, C145, and many more.

Key Fobs & Remotes

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20+ fob remote models including Keyscan, DKS, ICT, and many more.


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Discover our diverse collection, featuring key accessories and stylish bags, including exclusive collaborations with BandStrap for effortless organization on the go.

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Mail-In Service

Simply send us your key fobs, keys, or garage remotes to the following mailing address, and we'll rapidly create accurate copies for you:

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47 Charles St. W.

Toronto, ON, CANADA

M4Y 2R4

Follow our easy step-by-step guide below to get started.

Please let us know how many of each fob / remote you need copied, let us know your email address to send invoice to for payment, and return shipping address to ship the original and copies back to. 

Pick Your Service

Choose the service that suits your needs and prepare your keys accordingly.

Mail Your Keys To Us

Package your keys securely and send them to our address provided in the mail-in instructions.

Relax While We Work

Sit back and relax while our experts accurately duplicate your keys.

Pick Up Your Keys

Once ready, either receive your originals and copied keys at your desired address or pick them up in our Headquarters store. Enjoy hassle-free access to your spaces!

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