If you haven't already noticed, the variety of key blanks available can be overwhelming. From SC4 to A1114K to WR5 and everything in between, it's challenging to remember each key type and whether certain models are interchangeable. However, it's crucial to understand that you don't necessarily need the exact same model as the original when making a copy.

Take, for instance, the SC9 and A1145E keys. Surprisingly, these two models are interchangeable, meaning you can use either of them to make a copy. Keeping track of such key blank compatibility is made incredibly easy with Ilco's EZ Search tool. Simply search for a key model, and the tool will display all the different model names associated with that key, accompanied by helpful pictures.

With the convenience of cross-referencing key blank models, you can confidently find the right match for your key cutting needs. So go ahead and explore Ilco's EZ Search tool to simplify your key duplication process.

If you have any inquiries or need guidance regarding key cutting and key copy, we're here to assist you. Feel free to contact us directly or visit our YouTube channel, where you'll discover a wealth of invaluable tips and incredible insights to enhance your key-related knowledge.

Happy cutting!