Experiencing issues with your apartment key fob? Let’s walk through common problems and practical solutions:

1. Incorrect Usage

It might sound basic, but quick scans can sometimes cause hiccups. Try holding your key fob on the reader for a bit longer—10 to 15 seconds might do the trick.

2. Damaged Internal Chip

For tap-only key fobs without batteries, the internal chip can get damaged from falls or crushing. In such cases, reaching out to your condo management for a replacement is the way to go. Unfortunately, if the chip is already damaged, we won’t be able to provide a new copy without a functioning fob for duplication.

3. Programming Issues

Check for interference from electronic devices or radio signals that could disrupt your key fob’s functionality. After ensuring a clear environment, give it another shot. If the problem persists, it’s time to consider a replacement.

Preventive Measures and Maintenance Tips:

Electronic apartment keys require some care, and here’s how you can avoid potential issues:

1. Keep A Spare

Create a duplicate of your key fob and store it in a secure location or share it with trusted individuals. We’re your go-to experts for swift and secure apartment key fob copies.

2. Proper Storage

Shield your key fob from potential damage by avoiding direct sunlight exposure. Choose a dry, cool spot for storage, ensuring both protection and accessibility.

If these troubleshooting suggestions don’t resolve the issue or if you require additional guidance, don’t hesitate to visit us. We’re committed to ensuring your apartment key fob operates seamlessly. Trust the experts—your reliable partner, MiniFob, for all your key-related needs. Unlock convenience with us!