Ever thought about what might happen if you misplaced your key fob? It’s more than just losing a key—it could mean trouble for your home or car. In this guide, we’ll explore the potential risks, share tips to stay safe, and offer solutions if you find yourself in a tough spot.

What Can Someone Do with Your Apartment Key Fob

Losing your apartment key fob might sound alarming, but there’s less cause for concern than you might think. Unlike personal identification, apartment key fobs don’t reveal any information about their owner or the building they belong to, even if scanned by a professional. However, if a thief knows where you live, they may attempt to use the key fob to gain unauthorized entry into your apartment. In such cases, it’s crucial to act swiftly and inform your building manager to deactivate the lost fob and issue a new one, ensuring your continued security.

What Can Someone Do with Your Car Fob

Losing your car key fob poses serious risks such as vehicle theft. Additionally, car key fobs can be hijacked even if your wireless key fob is in your purse or jacket. Some cars can have flaws in their encryption which hackers can use to get access. Using an RFID transmitter, they can copy the signal produced by the key fob and unlock the car. Usually, a second person will stand near the vehicle ready to transmit the signal, unlock the door, and start the vehicle. They may also want to steal your belongings or personal information.

To prevent this from happening, consider the following:

  • Parking: If possible, park in a secured garage or well-lit area. Block your car between your garage and a less desirable vehicle.
  • Motion Detection Lights and Surveillance: Install lights activated by motion and add surveillance cameras outside your home.
  • Use Faraday Bags or RFID Pouches: These are designed with metal mesh to block key fob signals. Get one for FREE for a limited time in our Downtown FobToronto location with your purchase.
  • Keep Valuables Safe: Never leave valuable items in your vehicle, such as your wallet, laptop, or personal documents.
  • Stay Updated: Stay informed about security measures, keyless technology advancements, and theft trends to prevent vulnerabilities and stay ahead of thieves.

If theft does occur, contact the police immediately. Officers will advise you to fill out a report and include all details. Try to recall the exact moment of suspicion and provide a description of the person involved.

Our Services and Commitment

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