Are you looking to copy HID key fobs? If yes, then this article can assist you with that! In this guide, we plan to talk about what key fobs are, and how to copy an HID key fob using our key fob copy machine. If you already know what HID key fobs are, feel free to skip to the “How to Copy an HID Key Fob” section.

What are HID Key Fobs

Instead of using normal metal keys, places like condos and apartments tend to have key fobs or remotes for accessing the buildings. They are well-liked for areas with these kinds of buildings because they offer better security features. Like normal keys, key fobs are small and easy to use. With their RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology, they are usually simple devices to program (or reprogram) with.

Well, how does it work, you may ask? Fobs start off by sending a unique code to a reader machine when they are in close proximity. The code is then evaluated and lets the user in if he/she is approved. The system will not provide access to those with fobs with improper codes, which are monitored by the access control system.

For HID fobs, they usually are seen as a plastic and near-circular piece, which is black except for the gray rubber front. A second possible form of these fobs could be longer, and all gray. Let us not discount the possibility of encountering a card-version of the fob as well. From past experience, fobs that say “HID” on it, are usually normal HID tap fobs.

However, it is possible for HID fobs to have a different look (such as the HID iClass fobs). We will explain later on how to deal with this in a future blog post.

How to Copy an HID Key Fob with MiniFob Key Fob Duplicator


  • Windows computer/laptop

Copying HID fobs is easy, which involves these several steps:

  • Sign up to become a partner using the Partner Sign-Up Form.
  • After becoming a partner, be sure you have the needed equipment/materials:
  • Plug in the Micro-USB cable from the MiniFob reader to the computer.
  • Run the “minifob” executable and log in using the credentials you were given after becoming a partner. You should see this afterwards:
  • Place the original HID fob onto the key fob duplicator’s Low Frequency Scanner. (Place the original fob on top of the ring-shaped apparatus.)
  • Press the “Scan Fob” button, and wait for the program to finish. The completion will show from the progress bar.
  • “Fob Type” should now display “HID” now.
  • Take out the original fob away from the Low Frequency Scanner, and replace the fob with a MiniFob blank fob. (Make sure the original is at least 6 inches away from the key fob duplicator.)
  • Enter the Phone Number of the customer for their free backup of code to be sent to their phone number.
  • Press the “Write to Fob” button to program the MiniFob Blank.

The MiniFob Blank is now a copy of the original HID fob! In other words, this MiniFob Blank is no longer a “blank” now, and is a fob with the same HID code as the original, thanks to the key fob copy machine!

NOTE: Please take extra care to remove the original from the key fob copy machine before “writing” anything, as you might guess why that is best to be avoided.

If needed, we also have a video on how to copy a normal HID fob as well:

How to Copy HID fobs (Video Demonstration)


In summary, key fobs are handy and popular ways to access buildings like condos and apartments. As for normal HID key fobs, they are definitely one of the easier fobs to copy, with the help of the MiniFob RFID Copying Starter Kit and MiniFob Blanks. However, to make use of these resources, you will need to partner with MiniFob in order to get the proper credentials, get support for how to use the key fob duplicator/copy machine, and more.