Have you ever wondered how keys actually work? It’s a fascinating process that involves a perfect alignment between the key and the lock. When a key is inserted, its cuts along the blade match the lock’s internal mechanism. Inside the lock, there are tiny spring-loaded pins. The right key lifts these pins, aligning them along a track known as the shear line.

Picture this: you slide your key into the lock, and its cuts raise the pins to just the right heights. Once all pins are perfectly aligned with the shear line, the key can turn, and the lock clicks open. It’s like a secret dance between the key and the lock, where precision is key.

If you’re curious to see this in action, check out our YouTube video on how to use a key correctly without risking breakage. At MiniFob, we’re not only about explanations – we’re about solutions. Some of our partners can duplicate some basic keys, and you can verify if we can copy yours using our convenient key checker on our website. If you don’t find it, do not worry! If we are not able to meet your needs we are sure our headquarter, FobToronto will.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts about high-security keys, exploring the intricate world of keys that are especially challenging to duplicate (Medeco, Citywide, and more). Remember, the secret to unlocking doors smoothly lies in understanding the artistry behind keys.