Ever wondered how long do apartment key fobs last? Many individuals contemplate the durability of apartment key fobs, considering them essential for daily access.. The simple answer: key fobs remain functional as long as their embedded information aligns with the building’s data.

Understanding Apartment Key Fobs

Apartment key fobs operate through radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, transmitting coded signals to door locks. As long as the fob’s code aligns with the door’s code, it remains functional.

Factors Affecting Key Fob Lifespan

  • Physical Damage: If the fob’s chip is damaged, it stops transmitting its signal, so it won’t work anymore.
  • Coding Changes: Alterations in building coding may affect copied fobs’ performance, necessitating updates for continued use.
  • Battery Life: Fobs with batteries typically require replacement every six months to a year to maintain functionality. However, many fobs do not require batteries. If a fob that does not require a battery fails, it may be due to a malfunction in the chip or coding alignment.

Consider Having Spare Key Fobs

While key fobs don’t expire, having spare copies is a smart move. This proactive step helps prevent lockouts and ensures uninterrupted access during emergencies. Trust FobToronto and MiniFob for key fob, key, and garage remote copying services. We can make copies of key fobs and update the code if there are any changes from the building, ensuring your continued access.

So, how long do apartment key fobs last? As long as they’re properly maintained and aligned with building coding.