Have you ever experienced the frustration of a key copy that doesn’t work? It’s a common issue that can be easily avoided with the right knowledge. This article will guide you on how to identify a bad key copy, empowering you to ask the right questions and ensure a successful duplication process.

Identifying a Bad Key Copy

Alignment Check:

One of the easiest ways to spot a bad key copy is by examining its alignment with the grooves and shoulders of your original key. If they don’t line up side by side, it’s likely a poor duplicate.

Correct Key Blank:

Always verify if the key blank used for copying matches the original. Look for identifying numbers on the shoulder or front head of the key to ensure it’s the right fit.

Confidence of the Clerk

Pay attention to the confidence level of the clerk during the copying process. Rushed or unsure actions can lead to mistakes, so ensure they take the necessary time for precision.

Wear on Original Key

Years of use can wear down an original key, affecting its ability to be copied accurately. If your key shows signs of wear, consider getting a new original key made.

Copies of Copies

Avoid making copies from previous copies. Each copy generation introduces errors, and after several generations, the key may not function properly in your lock.

Local vs. Department Stores

Consider choosing local businesses for key copying services over department stores. Local shops often provide more accurate and reliable copies due to better expertise and specialized focus. Since these stores concentrate solely on key cutting, they invest in high-quality machinery dedicated to this task, ensuring precision and quality in every copy they make.

Dealing with Damaged Keys

If your original key is damaged, bent, or broken, it may be challenging to get an accurate copy. Always communicate any issues to the clerk before the copying process.

Precautions with Bad Copies

In case you suspect a bad key copy, avoid trying to force it into the lock, as this can lead to further complications and potentially getting your key stuck.

Our Key Cutting Services

At MiniFob, we specialize in precise fob copying using cutting-edge technology that guarantees perfect duplication. Some of our trusted partners also offer premium key cutting services. You can find a list of our key cutting partners here. Our experienced team ensures that every copy is meticulously crafted for accuracy and functionality. If any issues arise with our copies, we are committed to promptly resolving them to your satisfaction. Choose us for reliable and high-quality key copies!