Key fobs have become a staple in the realm of access control, offering a convenient and secure way to unlock doors or gates. Understanding their duplicability is crucial for those seeking an additional key fob copy. The technology behind key fobs is relatively straightforward—an embedded radio frequency identification (RFID) code communicates with a reader, authenticating the device and granting access.

Not all key fobs are created equal, though; they vary in security levels, mainly categorized as low frequency and high frequency. The security of a key fob correlates with its frequency, with higher frequency fobs posing more significant challenges for a key fob copy.

Low Frequency Fobs:

Brands like HID, AWID, Indala, and similar low-frequency fobs are relatively easy to copy. In our store, and at partner locations such as Queens Quay Convenience in Toronto Harbourfront, making a key fob copy of any of the mentioned types takes mere minutes.

High Frequency Fobs:

High-frequency fobs, including MiFare, Salto, or iClass, offer enhanced security features. While it is possible to get a high frequency key fob copy, decoding their information might require additional time due to their advanced security measures.

Challenging Fobs:

A small percentage of key fobs present unique challenges. Fobs such as Kantech, DesFire, and certain High Encryption HID iClass models fall into this category. These fobs pose difficulties in duplication, and neither our store nor our partners can replicate them.

In our commitment to providing reliable access solutions, we guarantee the functionality of our key duplication, key fob copy, and garage remote copying services. With years of expertise, we assure you a seamless experience. Whether you have a low-frequency fob that needs quick duplication or a high-frequency fob with enhanced security, we have you covered. Visit our store or our partner locations for efficient and guaranteed copying services.