Losing your mailbox keys can be a frustrating experience. These small yet crucial keys are often easier to misplace than regular keys, especially if you’re not diligent about keeping track of them.

Seek Assistance from Your Building Management

The first step in addressing this issue is to reach out to your landlord, superintendent, or building manager for assistance. Depending on your building’s policies, you may be able to obtain a replacement key for a small fee or receive a spare key within a few days.

Request Replacement Keys from Canada Post

If you’re dealing with a community mailbox managed by Canada Post, there’s a specific process for requesting replacement keys. You can complete an online form and pay a fee of $29 plus taxes to receive new keys, which can be picked up at the nearest Canada Post office once ready.

Duplicate Your Spare Key

Alternatively, if you have a spare mailbox key, consider using it to create an extra copy. At FobToronto and partner stores under MiniFob, we offer quick and reliable key duplication services, ensuring that you have a functional spare key on hand whenever you need it.

Avoid Attempting to Pry Open Your Mailbox

It’s crucial to refrain from attempting to pry open your mailbox without a working key. Not only is this likely to be unsuccessful, but carriers will also refuse to deliver mail to unlocked or unsecured boxes. Instead, follow the steps outlined above to obtain a replacement key through proper channels.

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