Here are some helpful tips for rental property owners and managers. Investing in real estate properties has a bigger return than investing in stocks. There are 2 different ways to invest in real estate. We review the advantages of short-term rental properties and long-term rental properties and weigh the benefits against the drawbacks to get the best approach for you.

Research your local laws and condo restrictions to make sure you are allowed to rent your property short-term first. Some properties are better suited for short-term and others are better for long-term, or a mixture of both. It all depends on the property and how much time or money you want to invest.

We hope you liked our info-graphic for tips on short-term and long-term rental property. If you are an Airbnb host, property management, real estate agent, vacation rental, or residential landlord, etc. then please continue reading our blog for more information on rental property management.

On another note, having another key fob to be able to rent your property at times isn’t a bad idea because it allows more freedom to share the key fob for access between cleaners, management, family, friends, and for just in case / lost purposes.

By having a spare key fob the rental experience might just become slightly easier by cloning one with MiniFob in your city in your nearest area.

But getting back to short term and long term rental options, there’s some key factors to consider to ensure you’re making a better choice between more work to upkeep the home, vs. less to have more peace of mind provided you chose the right, responsible tenants by going through the proper filtering to ensure they have a good credit score, stable career, and the right attitude and personality to trust with your prized possession; your home.

Feel free to keep empowering yourself and learning more about real estate rental and other strategies to ensure you are getting enough information. Don’t just choose to rent in a certain way because you think it’s the right decision without being informed enough about it. But with that being said, you should also try both and see which is the best based on your extensive (enough) experience to judge for yourself. Possibly much of your real estate rental strategy should be based on experience to know what’s best for your financial situation. We’re happy to start you or continue you on your journey to ensure that you’re on the right path to knowledge empowerment however!

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