Tired of carrying a bunch of keys, including your condo, apartment, or office fob? Say hello to the Phone Fob by MiniFob! It’s a sticker with advanced technology that attaches securely to your Apple iPhone or Android mobile. Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty*.

Your Smartphone Becomes a Key Fob

Our RFID sticker fob is a game-changer. It turns your smartphone into a powerful key fob using 3M adhesive technology. This high-tech solution functions just like your regular fob and has a lifetime warranty* for peace of mind.

Seamless Access

With the Phone Fob, accessing amenities is a breeze. It behaves like your usual key fob, thanks to a genuine RFID chip coil that mimics your original fob’s code. It’s quick, easy, and trouble-free.

Affordable Convenience

Don’t worry about the cost; our sticker fob is priced the same as a regular key fob. Your choice depends on your original fob’s frequency (MiFare or standard), so check our pricing table.

Why Choose a Phone Fob?

Imagine having all your access keys in one place—right on your smartphone. No more carrying multiple fobs or searching for the right one. With the Phone Fob, you can hold your phone up to the reader for instant access. It’s the ultimate keyless convenience.

What You Should Know

The Phone Fob attaches to your phone with 3M adhesive. It’s essential to commit to your current phone because changing it might require new adhesive. However, you can stick it to anything you carry regularly, so you never forget your fob again.

Durable and Reliable

Rest assured, the Phone Fob is super durable. It has a robust TPS plastic coating that keeps the coil safe for years with proper care. If there’s an issue with the sticker, we can help. We can replace it if there’s no code displaying upon scanning, and we can update it if the code changes remotely.

Guaranteed Functionality

While our lifetime warranty doesn’t cover code changes or damaged fobs, you get a free backup code, a lifetime warranty for other issues, free lifetime support, and more.

Not sold on the “fob phone” idea? No problem! You can attach your sticky fob to anything you carry regularly. It’s the best hack ever! Ready to simplify your life and enjoy effortless access? Get the Phone Fob by MiniFob today and unlock the future of access technology!