Many of us have faced the dreaded moment of accidentally washing our key fob along with the laundry. But just how resilient is your key fob when it comes to water exposure?

Water Exposure and Key Fob Resilience

The functionality of a key fob is largely dependent on the chip encased within its gasket. This gasket acts as a protector against everyday wear and tear, such as scratches and impacts. While the protective shell of the fob can endure some exposure to water during gentle wash cycles at low temperatures, prolonged submersion or exposure to water can compromise the seals and allow water to penetrate, potentially damaging the chip. If the chip gets damaged, the key fob may cease to function properly or stop working altogether.

Precautionary Measures

To avoid the risk of damaging your key fob in the washing machine, it’s crucial to check all pockets before starting a wash cycle. Remember that while the seal provides some protection, it may not prevent water from seeping in if exposed for extended periods or subjected to higher water pressures.

Silicone Fob Covers

While we do not recommend intentionally submerging your fob in water, having a silicone fob cover can significantly improve its chances of survival in case of accidental exposure. Our silicone fob covers come in various colors and not only offer protection but also add a stylish touch to carrying your fob.

Key Fob Copy Services

At FobToronto and MiniFob, we offer fast and precise key fob copy services with guaranteed functionality. Additionally, take advantage of our backup code complimentary service, where we securely store your fob code. In the event of fob loss or damage, we can recreate a new fob using the stored backup, ensuring you’re never locked out.

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