Wondering what to do with old key fobs? Many of our customers express concern about unused key fobs, pondering their future utility. In this article, we address this question and provide options for various scenarios: moving out, finding a lost fob, or retaining an old fob despite building access changes. Read on to discover your options and ensure your key fobs are managed effectively.

Moving Out Day:

When moving out of an apartment, it’s essential to return all keys, including key fobs, to the property manager or landlord for proper access management and security.

Finding Lost Fobs:

In the event of losing a key fob and later finding it, you have the choice to either return it or keep it as a spare key fob for future use. Typically, buildings deactivate lost or stolen fobs upon request and provide replacements. However, sometimes the building wants to limit the number of provided fobs and may decline to reactivate it for you. If that happens, we understand that access needs vary. FobToronto and our MiniFob partners can assist in transferring the information from the working fob into the deactivated one, making it useful again for continued access. Simply bring both the working and non-working fobs to any of our stores. While the possibility depends on the fob’s security features, we can handle over 80% of market fobs.

Dealing with Building Upgrades:

In the event of building upgrades or increased security measures leading to the introduction of new key fobs, your existing fob may become obsolete as its coding no longer aligns with the updated system. If this occurs, you may choose to return the fob or attempt to transfer information from the new fob to the old one for use as a spare. However, due to potential frequency changes, compatibility may be limited. At FobToronto, we recommend exploring both options and offer assistance in transferring information when possible, though success depends on fob security levels and frequency compatibility. For a deeper understanding of how fobs work and why compatibility issues arise, check out our article on “How Fobs Work”.

In conclusion, when it comes to old key fobs, knowing what to do is essential for effective management. Whether you’re moving out, finding a lost fob, or encountering building upgrades, FobToronto and MiniFob are here to help. Remember, your options include returning unused fobs, repurposing them as spares, or seeking assistance to reactivate them. By exploring these options, you can ensure your key fobs are handled responsibly and continue to serve your access needs effectively.